Welcome to Kazakhstan electronic atlas!

Is this web platform conceived as an open resource that could unite different scientific teams? local history societies and ordinary users in one big team. With the help of modern software, the atlas offers users spatial visualizations combined with a variety of data.

Historical connections, geographical routes, demographic fluctuations, economic trends and cuts of social reality can all be presented in the form of dynamic maps combined with databases, histograms, diagrams and tables. We see the atlas as an effective and understandable tool for data presentation and analysis, an educational resource and a collaboration platform. In the course of its development, the atlas will be able to create ideas, connect people and attract investment. This resource is created on the basis of the latest technologies in IT, satellite monitoring, mapping and other disciplines. If your project uses computer visualization to present your data, we invite you to use our platform for free and become our partners. Having a technology platform will save you from having to create a new resource from scratch. Contact our experts and we will find opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation